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About CRI
Formed in 1993, Cooperative Resources International (CRI) became the nation's first agricultural holding cooperative. See our subsidiaries below and learn about our wide range of services.
Providing superior dairy and beef sires and service in the United States and Canada.
Providing superior dairy and beef sires and service around the world.
Providing comprehensive agricultural testing and informational services.
Central Livestock Association owns and operates prominent livestock markets throughout the Midwest.
CRI Subsidiary: MOFA Global
MOFA Global is a leading provider of assisted reproduction technologies for the porcine, bovine, equine and canine industries.
A Legend Passes
AgSource Sells Jerome DHI & Forage Laboratory
Genex Introduces Nutritional Calf Paste
Partnership Including Genex Syndicates Jersey Bull at All-American
MyAgSource - The Future of Dairy Herd Management Information
AgSource Laboratories Moves To New Marshfield Location
CRI Hosts Over 170 Dairy Producers from Around the Globe
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