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AgSource ADDs Milk Pregnancy test TO DHI Services

VERONA, Wis. - A good breeding program includes timely determination of initial pregnancy followed by subsequent confirmation that a cow remains pregnant. AgSource recently expanded its extensive diagnostic capabilities with a milk-based pregnancy test. The AgSource Milk Pregnancy Test provides a non-invasive, labor-efficient means to quickly determine if a lactating cow that has been diagnosed pregnant remains so.  

There is currently one milk-based pregnancy test on the market. Based on enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology, it detects the level of pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAGs), which are produced when a cow is pregnant and rise in concentration in blood and milk as the gestation progresses.

Ideal Pregnancy Re-Check Test

DHI milk testing intervals are typically not as frequent as regularly scheduled veterinary herd checks. In addition, traditional options like palpation, ultra-sound and AgSource's DG29TM blood-serum pregnancy test can provide earlier detection and additional information such as sex and/or age of calf and twinning. For these reasons, AgSource's Milk Pregnancy Test is best suited as a confirmation test to supplement early veterinary pregnancy check programs.

Pregnancy loss is common and costly, even in well-managed herds. The AgSource Milk Pregnancy Test offers a convenient and affordable way to re-check during gestation to make sure cows remain pregnant. Identifying open cows and quickly returning them to service pays big dividends.

AgSource's Milk Pregnancy Test is flexible. Producers can select the cows they wish to test or they may elect to enroll on a confirmation and/or dry off option, where on each test day, all cows are automatically pregnancy tested that meet herd specific criteria for days since last breeding. The dry off option includes attractive combination pricing for Johne's and milk pregnancy testing.

If test frequency is a concern, samples may be submitted between DHI test dates and herds not currently on test with AgSource are also welcome to submit samples. In those instances, sample kits and submission information may be requested directly from AgSource Laboratories in Menomonie, Wis., at 715- 235-1128.

Valuable Report

Test results are available within two business days from when the samples are received in the laboratory and may be delivered electronically or in print. Herds that maintain accurate reproductive records and process their test day information with AgSource will find additional, valuable information on their AgSource Milk Pregnancy Report, including lactation number, days in milk, number of days bred, number of times bred, and last known reproductive status for each animal tested. Everything you need to know is in one spot, eliminating the need to access other reports or computer software to obtain data.

For more information, talk with your local DHI field technician, contact AgSource at 608-845-1900 or visit www.agsource.com/milkpregtest.

AgSource Cooperative Services provides agricultural and environmental laboratory analysis and management information services to clients located throughout the United States and across the globe. The largest full-service DHI provider in the country, AgSource is a member-owned cooperative and a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International. Find out more at http://www.agsource.com/.