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CRI Releases New ICC$ Leaders

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — With the August sire summary, Cooperative Resources International (CRI) added five Holstein bulls over +1000 for the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index along with 16 other sires each with genetic improvement specialties.

Leading the ICC$ list is new release 1HO11684 LEGENDARY (WATCH VIDEO). He touts a complete genetic package that includes +8.6 Productive Life (PL), +4.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and +1.57 Udder Composite (UDC)! This elite Delta son, out of arguably the best O-Style daughter anywhere, is a great example of the difference between ICC$ (breeding for profit) and TPI®. LEGENDARY will sire longer lasting, more fertile daughters while moderating frame size for optimal efficiency. He comes in at +1106 ICC$.

1HO11905 BLOWTORCH is the lineup’s first Silver son. In addition to an elite +1014 ICC$ ranking, BLOWTORCH leads the lineup for TPI at +2756. Sporting an impressive daughter-proven sire stack, he will have high appeal with a no-holes proof that is the ideal balance of genetic rank, production and health traits. Sure to add depth, strength and width without sacrificing functionality, use this highly popular sire of sons today!

1HO11688 MURCIELAGO (WATCH VIDEO) boasts a different sire stack of Monterey x Maurice from the globally popular Tasket family developed through the GENESIS Cooperative Herd. MURCIELAGO was used as a sire of sons by Genex and is admired for his extremely high multiple trait index values of +1025 ICC$, +828 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$) and +2670 TPI. Dairy producers can look to MURCIELAGO to increase fat and protein percentages, improve milk quality and also enhance female fertility. Maybe most unique and exciting of all, MURCIELAGO combines low Sire Calving Ease (6.7%) with breed-leading type composites for both udder and foot and leg at +2.46 and +1.48 respectively.

1HO11673 MAGISTA’s maternal line hails from the breeding program at North Florida Holsteins which is famous for a focus on lifetime profit and health and fitness. Therefore, it’s no surprise MAGISTA is an ICC$ chart-topper at +1015! MAGISTA was used extensively as a sire of sons and as a flush sire in the GENESIS cooperator herds. He can be trusted to improve fat and protein percentages and excel for health and fitness without sacrificing udders (+2.09 UDC). At 6.1% Sire Calving Ease (SCE) use MAGISTA with confidence in heifer pens too. Take advantage of all this from a unique outcross sire stack of Stoic x Maurice.

1HO12827 AMBASSADOR is a 1HO11056 TROY son that offers the complete package. He comes in at +1005 ICC$ and +810 LNM$. He will add production at +1400 Milk with +128 CFP. AMBASSADOR offers extremely low calving ease (5.6% SCE, 4.6% DCE) and will improve daughter fertility (+2.6 DPR) and longevity (+6.6 PL).

Joining these five new releases over +1000 ICC$ are the previously released brothers 1HO12800 GAGE and 1HO11665 GENIUS (both with Udder Composites over +1.30 and excellent DPR and PL values) and the well-known TROY.

For more on these and the other new releases, view the Holstein sire catalog or contact your local CRI distributor.

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