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CRI Debuts Five New Jersey Sires

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — With the August sire summary, Cooperative Resources International (CRI) added five Jersey bulls that display the traits producers demand for genetic advancement and continued breed growth in this Jersey generation. From producer favorites to new grads, CRI has the sires to produce efficient, trouble-free and fertile cows.

The most notable new bull is the highly sought-after sire of sons, 1JE00935 WORLD CUP {5}. WORLD CUP joins the lineup with a no-holes report card featuring a +239 JPI™, +16.8 JUI™ and +680 Cheese Merit (CM$). Coming from the GENESIS Cooperative Herd out of Faria Brothers Marvel Hamm {4}-ET, this Chili son checks all the boxes for health trait boxes with his +7.0 Productive Life (PL), +1.2 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR), +2.2 Cow Conception Rate (CCR) and +3.3 Heifer Conception Rate (HCR).

1JE00938 NEUER {3} graduates as an early high-ranking son of 1JE00862 BADGER {3}. NEUER earned a +216 JPI with an impressive +25.6 JUI. He complements this high type with production numbers over +1200 Milk and +571 CM$. NEUER is also +6.5 PL with +0.4 DPR. Note he is JH1C and 91 BBR.

1JE00946 LARS is an exciting Chili son that delivers a unique trait combination with his +203 JPI and breed-leading +2.6 DPR. LARS also adds type with +15.8 JUI and longevity at +6.5 PL. Fertility is yet another specialty at +2.8 CCR and +2.5 +HCR.

1JE00944 TAD presents a diverse pedigree being a high-ranking Pilgrim son at +202 JPI. He backs that JPI number with +546 CM$ and +10.0 JUI. Look to TAD to add exceptional combined Fat & Protein (+100 CFP) as well as improve daughter fertility (+0.6 DPR).

1JE00950 TOTTI {4}, an exciting new 1JE00882 FORMIDABLE son, debuts at +194 JPI. This new graduate also adds a standout +2.1 DPR along with +5.8 PL, +1.8 CCR and +0.7 HCR.

Among the great CRI leaders and achievers that for some time have been empowering producers to build progressive herds is 1JE00892 VANDRELL {2}. This bull joined the lineup in December 2014 and continues to dominate the genomic JPI list now standing at a whopping +273! He maintained his spot atop the cooperative’s CM$ list too at +693. Adding to his outstanding credentials, VANDRELL is an elite fertility sire recording an impressive +2.5 Sire Conception Rate (SCR) and 105 PregCheck. A Visionary son directly out of Faria Brothers Action Dean Smith {1}, EX-92%, VANDRELL will sire daughters that excel in production and type with a +17.2 JUI and +129 CFP.

Hailing from the same maternal family as VANDRELL, 1JE00922 RONALDO {3} had an impressive proof day coming in at +249 JPI. This Harris son checks all the boxes for quality production with over +1400 Milk, +128 CFP and a low +2.75 Somatic Cell Score.

A maternal brother to RONALDO, 1JE00889 PROP JOE jumped to +212 JPI with an elite +95 Fat, which makes him the lineup’s highest CFP sire at +133. PROP JOE is also a fertility specialist with standout values for SCR (+2.5), PregCheck and PregCheck+.

1JE00928 COMANCHE now adds sire fertility specialist to his credentials with a breed-leading +4.0 SCR! This JPI standout Axis son is +204 with an elite +16.1 JUI. COMANCHE will sire daughters with profitable production as well with his +1302 Milk and +91 CFP.

For more information on the Jersey lineup, visit www.crinet.com or contact your local CRI distributor.

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