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GENEX Jersey Lineup Grows in Quantity and Quality

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — GENEX has debuted eight new Jersey sires, including one at +733 Cheese Merit (CM$). This brings the total lineup, which is focused on genetics for component‑driven milk production from efficient and healthy cows, to nearly 50 sires.

Faria Brothers Marvel Messi {4}, VG-84%
Dam of 1JE00966 FUTURE {3} & 1JE00962 DEGROM {3}


The new release 1JE00966 FUTURE {3} is the bull that tops the GENEX list for CM$ at +733. His CM$ rank is backed by +125 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP) and positive Fat and Protein percentages. This early Marlo son out of a Marvel dam is +208 JPI™ while also transmitting daughter fertility (+0.5 Daughter Pregnancy Rate) and elite udders (+29.4 JUI™).

New sire 1JE00962 DEGROM {3} is a full brother to FUTURE {3}. This bull combines good production (+114 CFP) with attractive and functional udders (+27.0 JUI™). He joins the lineup at +697 CM$ and +194 JPI™ and should sire long-lasting daughters with a +7.4 Productive Life (PL).

A Harris out of an Aztec, 1JE00967 FRANKY {4} is a new sire with +80 Fat and +54 Protein for a notable +134 CFP. This +632 CM$ and +172 JPI™ bull can be used to improve milk quality too, with his low +2.77 Somatic Cell Score (SCS).

1JE00961 FRODO {3} joins the lineup at +173 JPI™ and just over +600 CM$. A Vandrell out of a VG Galvanize, FRODO {3} adds balanced production at +1189 Milk and +120 CFP. He’s ideal for use in heifer pens with a +2.6 Heifer Conception Rate.

Production powerhouse 1JE00956 RUTH {3} is the lineup’s new leader for Milk at +1951. This comes with an impressive +144 CFP. The Harris son is +578 CM$ and +176 JPI™ and will improve udders (+15.7 JUI™) as well.

Another new release, 1JE00958 NICO {5}, provides a balanced genetic profile for production and type. He is +175 JPI™ and +573 CM$ with +118 CFP. This sire also improves udders (+18.5 JUI™), longevity (+4.7 Productive Life) and milk quality (+2.82 SCS).

A Vandrell son, 1JE00968 INTEL {3}, earns his spot in the lineup at +164 JPI™ and +561 CM$. He is +108 CFP and adds fluid production at nearly +1400 Milk. With a +0.7 Cow Conception Rate and a +2.0 Heifer Conception Rate, INTEL {3} should add fertility to any breeding program.

1JE00937 BIRDMAN {3} rounds out the new releases at +509 CM$. This Harris out of a Renegade is another strong production sire with +1650 Milk and +121 CFP.

For more information about GENEX Jersey sires, visit http://genex.crinet.com or call 888.333.1783.

GENEX is the trusted provider of world-class animal genetics, progressive reproductive solutions, value-added products and innovative services. As a cooperative business, GENEX serves members and customers - dairy and beef cattle producers - across the United States. GENEX is part of Cooperative Resources International. For more information, please visit http://genex.crinet.com.