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GENEX Debuts Eight New Jersey Sires,
New Genetic Index for Commercial Jerseys

SHAWANO, Wisconsin — GENEX released eight new Jersey sires with the December sire summary, including 1JE01057 CESPEDES {3} – a bull that’s elite across indexes! At the same time, GENEX released the Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC$) index for Jerseys, a sire ranking tool that addresses the needs of commercial Jersey cattle producers.

CESPEDES {3} debuted second in the lineup for the new ICC$ index, behind producer favorite 1JE00892 VANDRELL {2}. CESPEDES {3} also ranks exceptionally well for Sustainability (SUST$), one of three ICC$ sub-indexes. SUST$ encompasses Productive Life, Livability, Somatic Cell Score, Mastitis Resistance, functional udder traits and the new GENEX proprietary trait, Calf Survivability. Furthermore, the Marlo son leads the industry with his outstanding +233 JPI™ and +839 Cheese Merit (CM$). Count on him for exceptional yield at +138 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP), daughter fertility (+1.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate) and improved udders (+22.6 JUI™). CESPEDES {3} is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only.

Another new graduate to the lineup is 1JE01056 COUSINS {3}, an Avon son at +856 ICC$, +689 CM$ and +199 JPI™. Rely on COUSINS {3} for his exceptional +19.4 JUI™. He’s a great choice for improving fertility in the next generation as well; he is +128 for the Fertility (FERT$) sub-index of ICC$, which includes Daughter Pregnancy Rate, Cow Conception Rate, Heifer Conception Rate, the fertility haplotypes and a new GENEX proprietary trait, Age at First Calving. Look for COUSINS {3} to be available in GenChoice™ semen.

1JE00994 ASTRIX {3} debuts at +816 ICC$, +662 CM$ and +189 JPI™. This Avon out of a Magnum meets the needs of producers looking to improve daughter fertility too; he stands at +3.2 DPR and +92 FERT$. ASTRIX {3} will improve udders (+18.3 JUI™) and is available in GenChoice™ semen.

1JE00991 GRIEZMANN {4} is an early Leonel son at +680 ICC$. His +136 CFP makes him a yield specialist and earns him a +599 for the Cheese Maximizer (ChMAX$) sub-index of ICC$. GRIEZMANN {4} is +180 JPI™ and +630 CM$ while maintaining a +18.7 JUI™.

A trio of VANDRELL {2} sons joined the lineup with impressive ICC$ index values. These sires include 1JE00992 CONTENDER {3} at +770 ICC$, 1JE00986 TAX {3} at +763 ICC$ and 1JE00998 FEARLESS {3} at +743 ICC$. Look to these sires for component production power as each is over +430 ChMAX$. CONTENDER {3} is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen.

1JE00999 CARPDIEM {3}, the final new graduate, is an Avon out of a Soprano that adds pedigree diversity. He is +722 ICC$, +599 CM$ and +177 JPI™. CARPDIEM {3} is +0.7 DPR and an udder specialist at +24.8 JUI™.

Other Highlights
VANDRELL {2} and 1JE00889 PROP JOE {3}, two bulls from the same maternal line, remain in the JPI™ top 10 for daughter-proven sires. Along with his +710 CM$ and +215 JPI™, VANDRELL {2} tops the GENEX ICC$ listing at +992 and is the FERT$ sub-index all-star at +182.

Adding more daughters to his proof, PROP JOE is now +775 ICC$, +693 CM$ and +191 JPI™. He offers an elite combination of udders (+22.0 JUI™), daughter fertility (+0.2 DPR) and exceptional PregCheck™ and PregCheck+™ sire fertility rankings.

1JE00966 FUTURE {3} at +895 ICC$, 1JE00984 USAIN BOLT {3} at +874 ICC$, 1JE00962 DEGROM {3} at +873 ICC$ and 1JE00971 CURRY {3} at +865 ICC$ all moved up in rank with the December proofs now standing at or above +200 JPI™.

To view the full GENEX lineup, click here.        

GENEX is the trusted provider of world-class animal genetics, progressive reproductive solutions, value-added products and innovative services. As a cooperative business, GENEX serves members and customers - dairy and beef cattle producers - across the United States. GENEX is part of Cooperative Resources International. For more information, please visit http://genex.crinet.com.