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GENEX delivers genetic opportunities

Shawano, Wisconsin — GENEX provides more genetic options to meet herd goals as the exclusive U.S. distributor of Jetstream Genetics. With the April sire summary Jetstream Genetics’ lineupW-18296-18-Jetstream-Genetics-Catalog.jpg includes exciting milking daughters from Performance Proven Sires, new Jetset Priority Genomic Sires from renowned cow families, showring dreams with Custom Cut Type Sires, as well as opportunities with fertility specialist Reprojet Sires and the unique Robotic Sires.

Jetset Priority Genomic Sire Highlights
734HO00089 EXETER
(Bourbon x AltaSpring): This new-release sire is a welcome addition with +2740 GTPI®, +102 Fat, +823 Lifetime Net Merit (LNM$), and he carries the A2A2 gene. From the Eroy family, his +1.8 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) and low +2.68 Somatic Cell Score (SCS) will produce healthy offspring backed by loads of production.

734HO00088 LEXELL (Superhero x Monterey): Selected from the PEAK Genetics program, LEXELL is new to the lineup and debuts with +2706 GTPI®. His +2.67 PTAT and +2.94 Udder Composite (UDC) make him a standout sire for both GTPI® and Type.

734HO00083 MASTERMIND (Montana x Supersire): The Gold-N-Oaks Marbella cow family provides the genius behind MASTERMIND. Breeders love profits from production, and MASTERMIND delivers with +1925 Milk, +68 Protein and +90 Fat. Those numbers combine to offer +866 LNM$ and +2695 GTPI®. Low SCS (+2.71) and longevity (+6.1 Productive Life) make this sire safe for the heifer barn too (7.5% Sire Calving Ease).

Custom Cut Type Sire Highlights
534HO00079 WARRIOR
(Battlecry x Tango): The Dellia family delivers WARRIOR to the Custom Cut Type Sire lineup with +2.86 PTAT. He will win type battles for herds while filling demand for A2A2 milk. WARRIOR has traits to strengthen production with +1184 Milk, +79 Fat. Low 7.4% Sire Calving Ease (SCE), low +2.59 SCS and high fertility strengthen his arsenal.

534HO00076 FREEZE (Monterey x Beluga): FREEZE is an outcross to the type world pedigrees. He is Doorman-, Atwood-, Dempsey- and Goldwyn-free. With his solid GTPI® at +2402 combined with +3.15 PTAT and +2.92 UDC, FREEZE is a Custom Cut Sire that will align with matings for high PTAT needs. FREEZE delivers all those elite traits as well as +4.6 Productive Life.

Proven-Performance Sire Highlights
534HO00025 MARDI GRAS (Mogul x Planet): Added daughter information makes MARDI GRAS a high-reliability Proven Performance Sire. MARDI GRAS stamps his daughters much like his sire Mogul. They are the dairyman’s dream cow — medium size, wide chested, strong, well-attached udders, and correct feet and legs. MARDI GRAS daughters represent the modern cow with health, production and ideal functional type.

To purchase semen, contact your GENEX representative or call 888.333.1783.


GENEX is the trusted provider of world-class animal genetics, progressive reproductive solutions, value-added products and innovative services. As a cooperative business, GENEX serves members and customers - dairy and beef cattle producers - across the world. GENEX is part of Cooperative Resources International. For more information, please visit www.crinet.com.