Training Options and Formats


CRI offers a variety of training formats. In addition to the routine workshops offered, we can also tailor programs to the specific needs and issues facing your group or organization. The following outlines the different options available:

  • Public Workshops: We routinely collaborate with a variety of allied agribusiness organizations, associations, foundations and educational institutions to plan and carry out learning activities in different geographic locations around the US.

    Once regional needs have been identified, workshops are presented in a central location and attended by representatives from several different organizations. This approach offers the benefits of not only meeting the training needs of different organizations, but also results in shared costs, and provides participants with opportunity to network with other industry personnel.

  • In-House Training: When an organization has a group of employees or customers all desiring similar training, CRI staff will come directly to your location and provide "in-house" training with focus on the specific corporate needs or issues facing your organization. This approach enables your group to experience the same learning environment, reduces hotel / travel costs, and provides managers and supervisors with opportunity to follow-up and reinforce the learning for on the job application.

  • Meetings and Conferences: Many organizations rely on CRI to provide mini-topics as a part of their routine meetings or professional improvement conferences. Since we can offer a little different perspective on issues that are facing your organization, we can often help you to implement key changes that will be important to the future success of your organization, employees and customers.

  • E-Learning: CRI makes available a few of its training programs and resources via the Internet. This delivery option is particularly useful when your employees are dispersed over a wide geographic area. For information on these resources, click on the E-Learning button to the left.