Questions and Answers


What is CRI and why is it sponsoring personal development training?
CRI (Cooperative Resources International, Inc.) is an agricultural holding company with subsidiaries serving dairy and beef producers across the US and around the world. CRI believes that by sharing its training and staff development programs with allied businesses, associations and educational institutions, we can all work together to build a stronger agriculture.

Who participates in CRI's learning activities and conferences?
Employees and customers from a variety of different agribusiness organizations participate in CRI's personal development training programs. This provides an ideal opportunity for people from different organizations to come together and network, learn from each other, and compare notes on how they are working to achieve desired results. The following provides a partial listing the organizations who have utilized CRI's training resources:

Advocates for Food & Agriculture
Alfred Ag and Tech
AgChoice Farm Credit
Agway Inc.
Blue Seal Feeds, Inc.
Cornell Cooperative Extension
Cornell Dairy Managers Program
Cornell Dairy Fellows Program
Dairy Business Communications, Inc.
Dairy Farmers of America, Inc.
Dairy One Cooperative, Inc.
Dairylea Cooperative, Inc.
Elmira College
Fellowship of Christian Farmers
Holstein USA
Holstein Foundation
Lancaster DHIA
Land 'O Lakes, Inc.
Leadership Columbia Co.
Lead New York
Merricks Inc.
National DHIA, Inc.
Penn. State University
Pennsylvania DHIA
Pioneer Farm Credit
Renaissance Nutrition, Inc.
Telmark LLC
Whitman's Feed, Inc.

How much can I expect to learn in a one or two-day workshop?
Each workshop provides a solid foundation for professional development in self management and interpersonal skills that are essential in today's competitive and rapidly changing workplace. However, these learning activities provide only the beginning of what must become a career-long, individual effort for continued learning and professional growth. CRI provides a variety of follow-up programs, web-based learning resources and educational materials that will help you make your learning last.

Who developed the effectiveness training programs?
As Director of Consulting Services for CRI, Jim Henion is the training designer and facilitator for CRI's personal development training programs. During his 26-year business career, he has experience in public relations, communications, field operations and sales management. Henion holds a BS Degree from Cornell University and a Masters in Adult Education and Instructional Design from Elmira College.

Currently, Jim develops and presents training programs nationally and internationally for CRI employees and customers, as well as a variety of allied agribusinesses and industry organizations.


What other training and staff development programs does CRI make available?
CRI offers a variety of professional improvement programs. All of these activities have been developed using proven principles of adult education and have been extensively piloted with personnel from many different companies and organizations. We can also tailor programs to the specific needs of your group. All programs are made available to allied industry businesses, foundations, associations and educational institutions.