People Types and Personality Styles


There's no doubt about it... People are Different! As a result, most of the conflict that occurs between people at work and at home is due to certain inborn differences in the way they think and go about doing things.


The ‘People Types and Personality Styles' workshop utilizes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument, which is the most widely used personality inventory in history.

The MBTI® questionnaire identifies the preferences individuals have for gathering information and making decisions.


Just as we have preferences for writing with either the left or right hand, we also have different ways of processing information such as relying on concrete observations or paying attention to our intuition.

Similarly, some people make decisions by using a logical, systematic process. Others come to conclusions based more on a ‘feeling' that something seems right or not.



In this workshop, you will identify your preferences which determine your ‘personality style.' This knowledge will enable you to understand and appreciate your own gifts as well as the differing gifts of others. The MBTI® instrument is used by organizations world-wide:

  • To help employees communicate more effectively with supervisors, peers, and customers.
  • As an aide in resolving conflicts.
  • To improve team performance and productivity.
  • To assist people in career growth and development.
  • To help employees respond to and manage change.

This interpretation and feedback workshop utilizes a self-discovery process that will enable you to determine your own personality style and temperament with application at both work and at home.

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