Coping with Change


These days, most people recognize that their organizations are undergoing change at a pace and scale never before experienced in history. The facts of the matter are, all organizations must keep reshaping themselves, shifting and flexing to fit a rapidly changing world. That's the only way they can hope to survive in a fiercely competitive environment.

As common as change is, however, most people still do not like it, and display amazing resistance to the changes being implemented by their employer.


Many managers are frustrated with the resistance to change. They say, "After all, people know that in order for us to survive and prosper, we will have to continually adapt, adjust, and change! So, let' get on with it!" And then, they charge full steam ahead.

The leaders of change inevitably display impatience and frustration when employees are slow to get on board and move with the change. What they miss is the fact that they themselves may have spent many months warming up to the latest change initiative, planning the change and visualizing its implementation prior to announcing the details to the work force.

Failure to successfully implement change can be devastating to an organization and can result in considerable "people breakage" along the way. CRI's "Coping With Change" seminar will help executives in their efforts to "create change." It will assist managers with their responsibilities to "lead change." And, it will enable employees to more quickly "adapt to change." Topics include the following:

  • What's causing all the change? (New realities in a changing world)
  • How do people react to change? (The change response scale)
  • The process of change (Endings, transitions, beginnings)
  • Creating and leading change (Not an event-but a process)
  • Skills to facilitate movement toward new beginnings (Clarify, share, engage)
  • Adapting to change (Job fitness for the 21st century)

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