Maintaining Personal and Professional Balance


In his book Overload Syndrome, Dr. Richard Swensen writes "Life in modern day America is essentially devoid of time and space. People are exhausted. People are stressed. People are overloaded; they are breaking the speed limit of life. We need more time. We need more space. We need more reserves. We need, in short, more margin."

Another author (Jeff Davidson, in Breathing Space) writes "Merely being alive today and participating as a functioning member of society guarantees that your day, week, month, year, and your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy, will be depleted easily without the proper vantage point from which to approach each day and conduct your life."

It's clear that we are experiencing conditions unlike any time in history. Overload, stress, and lack of balance appear to be of concern to everyone.


The logical question, what can we do? What strategies can we implement on an individual basis that will restore some of the breathing space that we long for?

CRI's Integrating Work and Life Seminar (Maintaining Personal and Professional Balance) offers a few key steps that will enable people to maintain a sense of personal and professional balance. For information on this program, click on the e-mail icon below.

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