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Agri-selling Workshop

When discussing professional selling skills, we typically break the topic into two primary categories including: 

  • Sales Strategy - this involves the planning and preparation sales people carry out before meeting with customers.
  • Sales Tactics - this involves the face to face skills and practices utilized when meeting and working directly with customers. 

CRI's two-day Agri-Selling Workshop provides sales personnel with an interactive learning experience with focus on both sales strategy and tactics. 

Participants are provided with tools, techniques, and group discussion that will enable them to serve in a consultative role, providing practical solutions that will lower costs and/or increase their customers' ability to compete and generate revenues.

Both newly assigned and experienced sales personnel will find the Agri-Selling Workshop of value to their everyday selling situation.

The agri-selling workshop covers the basic principles needed to build a solid foundation as a field marketer and sales consultant. It will provide some insights that will help front-line sales people to anticipate, adjust and adapt in a rapidly changing and competitive market place.

Agenda topics include:
  • The Sales Profession - Everybody Sells Something.
  • Field Marketing - Develop a "Market-Driven Mindset."
  • Getting into your Customer's Head- Understanding why People Buy.
  • Leverage your People Skills- Bond and Build Rapport.
  • Key Account Strategies- Planning and Organizing for Success.
  • The Buying Cycle- The Customer's Decision Making Process.
  • The Sales Process- Use a Proven Selling System.
  • Managing "You & Co,"- Building Results into your Sales Planning.