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Working as a Member of a Team
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Working as a Member of a Team
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Working as a Member of a Team

There are many different kinds of teams. Examples include leader directed, continuous improvement, cross-functional, informal, etc. And, teams are found in many settings; in business, educational institutions, and community organizations.

Regardless of the nature or setting of your team, understanding and appreciating similarities and differences in the personalities of your fellow teammates can help you to contribute more effectively and improve productivity.


For those who attend CRI's People Types and Personality Styles workshops which utilize the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, a special "MBTI® Team Report" can be prepared and made available to participating teams. This report will help team members apply their individual MBTI® results to improve team effectiveness and help them to:

  • Identify their teams' respective strengths and resources as well as its potential weaknesses.
  • Maximize the natural advantages that result from the similarities and differences among the different team members.
  • Work around or minimize the potential weak spots that may be associated with the team.
  • Identify an action plan with specific behaviors needed for team members to improve their group effectiveness.

A prerequisite for participation in the CRI "Working as a Member of a Team" training program is attendance in the People Types and Personality Styles interpretation and feedback workshop. As a part of the training, CRI will provide each participant with an individual narrative and team report. These two personalized reports are prepared using software developed by Consulting Psychologist Press, Inc., the organization that oversees the MBTI® program worldwide.