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With the many changes taking place in agriculture today, more and more of us are working in collaborative relationships such as alliances, partnerships, cross-functional teams, consultative and contractual arrangements. For success in this environment of interdependency and teamwork, each of us needs to become better at managing ourselves and in working with others. This involves the following:

  • An understanding of our individual strengths and knowing how we best perform.
  • Individual effort to continually sharpen our interpersonal skills.
  • A plan for personal development and lifelong learning.

In recognition of these needs, Cooperative Resources International (CRI) now offers specialized personal development training that will help agribusiness employees and producers to sharpen their skills in a few key areas critical to personal effectiveness and career success. "The ability to learn faster than your competitors, may be the only sustainable advantage in the future." (Arie De Geus)

To find out more about these learning activities, to view our schedule of upcoming training workshops, or to bring these programs to your organization, please click on the links at the left.