Talent Areas

Business DevelopmentHuman Resources Finance 

From conducting bovine genomic
research to offering agricultural
and cooperative training in
developing countries, business development is immersed in
strategically growing CRI's
impact around the globe.

CRI human resources is in touch with
the cooperative's more than 1,500
employees through the development
and implementation of strategies and
programs focused on health, safety
and wellness, recruiting, and talent

As CRI has grown from $32 million in
revenue to $205 million, finance staff
have had the opportunity to lead
innovative strategies and influence
fiscal decisions that add value for
cooperative members and
employees alike.

Information TechnologyPublic Relations International Marketing

Information technology professionals design the innovative technology
solutions that drive the business
while also supporting technological
needs of subsidiary employees
as they provide new programs
to members and customers
around the globe.


Through teamwork, the public
relations staff develop educational
and promotional materials that
enhance the CRI brand. Public
relations also manages member
and delegate programs and


International marketing creates and
executes marketing plans that
transform into profitable growth.
The team works with product
distributors in more than 60 countries
as well as direct marketing through
CRI-owned entities around the globe.

Sales & Customer ServiceField Service Laboratory Testing 
AgS-Customer-Service.jpg AgS-Field-Service.jpg AgS-Laboratory-Testing.jpg 

Sales and customer service staff
promote services highlighting the
positive impacts made possible
through accurate data and
superior customer service. The
sales and marketing team works
alongside members to help them
manage and improve upon their
business or agricultural operation.

Field service professionals work
on the front line collecting data
and product samples for laboratory
testing. Technicians work directly
with dairy owners and herd
managers to maintain accurate
records and ensure delivery of
quality management information.

AgSource Laboratories is the industry
leader in broad-based testing
services. Educated and dedicated
employees conduct tests using
state-of-the-art instrumentation
and participate in rigorous quality
control programs.

Education, Training & Outreach   

Continued learning is important for
members and employees.
Throughout the various AgSource
testing and service areas, staff are
committed to education, training and
support. The end goal is to meet
users' analysis and information
needs and enhance the application
of new AgSource technologies.

Production Supply Chain Logistics Sales & Service 

At semen production facilities, safety
of employees and animals as well as
product quality and processing
efficiency are priorities. The
production team cares for bulls
and collects, evaluates, processes
and packages semen.  

The coordinated expertise of the
supply chain logistics team - as they manage movement of semen and herd management products - exemplifies the cooperative's collaborative culture.


Dedicated sales professionals help GENEX gain market share as they offer established products and introduce new ones. Service professionals are dedicated to addressing the needs of members and customers in new and creative ways.

ConsultingCattle Genetics  
Gen-Consulting.jpg Gen-Genetics.jpg 

Working alongside cattle producers
and their advisory teams, GENEX
consultants strive to best meet
herd owners' needs. GENEX
consultants possess skills and
knowledge in topics ranging from
herd management and herd
benchmarking to employee training
and reproductive management.


A knowledgeable team engages in sourcing and developing the
cooperative's elite dairy and beef
sires. These activities are essential
to providing members and
customers with a strong offering
of high genetic merit sires.

SalesResearch & Product Development  Technical Support 

MOFA Global sales representatives
are product experts with the ability
to easily understand and explain
scientific and analytical information.
They focus on increasing brand
exposure, maintaining customer
relations and executing marketing
plans that transform into profitable

World-class scientists and laboratory technicians continually engage in
research and development focused
on improving the quality and
efficiency of current products as well
as developing new products and
services. The team collaborates with
scientists worldwide to make further
advancements in the field of
reproductive technologies.

MOFA Global has built its success
in part by setting the highest
standards in customer support.
Technical service staff have
second-to-none direct experience
in livestock and companion animal
production making them valuable
resources for customers in the U.S.
and around the globe.


MOFA Global manufacturing
facilities in the U.S. offer the
capacity to meet product needs of
the North American pork production industry, advanced reproductive technology in livestock and small
animal reproduction. Manufacturing
employees work in high tech
facilities with a stringent focus on
product quality and employee safety.


MOFA Global offers clients training
opportunities for the purpose of
continued education and technology
transfer. Experts provide training
events by webinar or in a workshop
setting covering topics like livestock
reproduction management; semen
collection, evaluation, processing
and cryopreservation; artificial
insemination; and in vivo and in
vitro embryo production,
preservation and transfer.

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