ICB News

  • April 2017 Robert Fourdraine completed serving a four year term as co-chair of the National Institute of Animal Agriculture (NIAA) Animal Identification and information systems committee.
  • March 2017 Robert Fourdraine appointed as Co-Chair of the International Conference on Animal Recording (ICAR) Animal Data Exchange working group

Research Presentations

ADSA 2017

Using DHI Electronic Milk Weights to Improve Farm Management. Heather A. Adams, and Robert H. Fourdraine

ICAR 2017

Collecting milking speed data as part of official milk recording.

R.H. Fourdraine, H.A. Adam & A.D. Coburn

ISSCR 2017

Immunocharacterization of canine and feline adipose-derived stem cells by quantitative image flow cytometry

L. M. Queiroz, P. A. Campbell, J. Mulcahy, P. F. Malard and M. C. Xavier

NMC Meeting 2017

Providing Routine PCR Testing as Part of Official Milk Recording Options.

Angela D. Coburn1, Joel Amdall1, and Dr. Robert H. Fourdraine2

1AgSource Cooperative Services, 2CRI International Center for Biotechnology

ICAR Meeting 2016

Measuring the Prevalence and Impact of Subclinical Ketosis on Lactation Performance in U.S. Dairy Herds

A.D. Coburn1, H.A. Adams2, T.L. Chandler3, G.R. Oetzel3, H.M. White3, and R.H. Fourdraine2

1AgSource Cooperative Services/CRI, 135 Enterprise Drive, Verona, WI 53593, United States (adcoburn@crinet.com)

2CRI International Center for Biotechnology, Mount Horeb, WI, USA (hadams@crinet.com, rfourdraine@crinet.com)

3University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, USA (tchandler@wisc.edu, gary.oetzel@wisc.edu, heather.white@wisc.edu)